Year 5


Dear parents and guardians,

We are looking forward to an exciting term ahead! Our topic will be "Weird and Wonderful Creatures" where all of our foundation subjects will have a link to real and mythical creatures. Our Active Reading book is Skulduggery Pleasant and our Science focus is Animals and Lifecycles. We are really promoting a big push in improving vocabulary in school, so please test your children's knowledge on the words and facts they are learning in school.



Pupils are given homework every Friday and will be expected to return the homework on the following Wednesday. Homework is checked by adults in the class and all pupils are expected to complete it. We have an additional "Lucky Listeners" homework, where pupils are competing to read a piece of text to as many people as possible on a weekly basis. So please sign the back of their homework sheet when you hear them read.

Maths homework is now online and is completed on the Mathletics website. Please find the link to their Maths homework below.



Our pupils are also subscribed to the following educational sites and have been given login details for each of them:

Bug Club (reading) 

Times Table Rock Stars: 

Spelling Shed: 


 Please check back to our class page on a regular basis for updates, pictures and news :)


I am personally looking forward to a great year ahead


Kind regards

Mr Radford



Here are some pictures of our Remembrance art work and also a cooking lesson, where we made healthy granola bars: