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Montgomerie Primary School’s Curriculum


 Scientific research shows that learning is a change to long term memory. For our children to have the best start in their educational journey, at Montgomerie we give children a curriculum that helps them acquire knowledge, practise procedures, finally leading to a deep understanding and the ability to be creative. We understand that knowledge is knowing how to do things and knowing what they mean.

 What does the research say?

 Children are not experts at learning when they begin; they need to move through basic knowledge acquisition (procedural practise) before they can move on to advanced learning and deep understanding. By focussing on key concepts and returning back to them again and again through varied opportunities, we not only give children the opportunity to practise but also deepen their knowledge – altering their long term memory leading to learning. Exposure to high quality vocabulary is also intrinsic in our curriculum as it is proven that there is a huge correlation between vocabulary size and life chances. Our curriculum is a balance between making learning memorable and having the chance to practise. Knowledge in the long term memory frees up the working memory, giving children the chance to think! Our curriculum expectations are high – learning is difficult. However, by reducing extraneous cognitive load and giving time to practise and return to prior learning (interleaved with new) we move this learning into the long term memory.

 What are our drivers?

 All children are different; they have different backgrounds and different experiences. It is our job to design a curriculum that not only teaches children what they need to know, but develops them as a person. These are our drivers. What do we want for our children? We discussed this as a school community and have decided our curriculum needs to also fulfil the following: 



We would like our pupils to find it simple to:

  •        Generate ideas
  •        Work collaboratively
  •        Use imagination to meet goals

Environment  & Community

We would like our pupils in the community to have:

  •       A sense of pride
  •       A cultural identity
  •       A geographical centre
  •       A caring nature for the world around them and the future of our planet

Spiritual and Moral

We would like our pupils to believe in:

  •       Truth
  •       Justice
  •      A sense of right and wrong
  •      Our values – being resilient, ready, reflective, respectful, resourceful and responsible (The 6 Rs)


We would like our pupils to have:

  •      Experience of the wider world
  •      Ambition
  •      A sense of what is possible for them to achieve
  •      Exposure to the vocabulary of the people they aspire to become


All Montgomerie children deserve a world-class curriculum designed purely for them, delivered by world-class people who want to give it to them.

Montgomerie Primary School follows the National Curriculum as published in 2014 in Years 1 to 6. For more information on the National Curriculum 2014 click here

Below you will find a link to the whole school curriculum map.

Montgomerie Primary School Curriculum

Montgomerie Primary School Progression in Reading

EYFS Long term plan