Welcome to Reception - The Royals class

Welcome to the autumn term

We will start by learning class routines and establising expectations. We will build and develop friendships and get to know the adults who work in our school.

W will learn about stories such as Kipper's Toybox, Stickman, The Little White Owl, The Gruffalo and Naughty Bus. We will retell them in a variety of ways. We will work on our writing skills to sequence and form each of the letters in our name.

As the term progresses, we will observe the changing seasons.

In maths we will learn about number sense in weekly visits to Numberland. Each Wednesday we will visit a new number learning about the properties of that number and what different representations look like, including shapes and money.  We will learn to use five frames and then move onto ten frames.

In phonics we learn to train our ears and mouths to hear and say sounds. We will learn listen to and then blend three sounds to make words and learn the first set of sounds and sight words.  Please make sure you read regularly at home – it really does make so much difference to your child’s attainment.

As part of our early years curriculum we have free access to the classroom and also our garden. Children will need to have suitable clothing with them at all times. This includes a good quality coat to provide both warmth and a waterproof later, a pair of waterproof trousers and a pair of wellies.

All of our work is shared in an online learning journey. We use a platform called Tapestry. Staff in school and grown ups from home can share achievements of the children. Please do share special things with us from home too.


If you ever have any questions or concerns please do ask as staff in EYFS are always happy to help. 

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