Montgomerie Primary School

Every Second Counts

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Welcome to a VERY different Summer term!

I hope you are all happy and healthy! It is a very unusual term we find ourselves in. Every day I will be setting work on Google Classroom so please make sure you are logging in each day, completing the activities the best you can and remember to hand the work in, along with any pictures you may want to upload. I would love to see them.

Everyday I will be setting an English, Maths and Phonics activity. You also need to try to read as much as possible too. Each week I will also be setting your weekly spellings and a weekly project. Your weekly project will be to do with our topic of 'Into the Wild'. As part of our Into the Wild topic we will be looking at David Attenborough, animals including humans, different habitats and continents and oceans. We will also be looking at Andy Goldsworthy in art. 

I know each family is in new territory of home schooling and working from home and I will be happy to support you in any way I can.

You can contact me on Google Classroom or on the class website

Stay safe and hopefully we will see each other again soon.

Miss Carter x