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Summer Term

Welcome back to you all in the strangest of circumstances. We look forward to the Summer Term in which our theme is the, 'Blue Planet.'


We are dedicating the whole of the summer term to the natural world, in particular water, the rivers and seas. Any natural world programmes or reading that you can do around the topic at home would be fantastic. Get yourself out and about as much as possible exploring your locality and the world around you. Now more than ever is really a time to appreciate what we have close to home and the outdoors play such an important part to our well being.



 We aim to provide a mixture of reading work, spelling, punctuation and grammar. We also will provide a writing stimulus each week to encourage you to be creative in your writing. Why not keep a diary of this time? When out and about - find out  information about your suroundings - You could always write a guide to where you live.



 We are awaiting to get copyright permission to use the book Oliver and the Seawigs. I have started to read it and it looks fantastic. Do any of you have a copy at home?



We will still continue to use Power Maths activities, mixed with White Rose, times tables games and powerpoints to ensure you are still covering the curriculum at home.



In Science, after completing Light and Shadows, we will start our unit on plants. What plants can you grow in the garden, observe growing? We will look at how plants reproduce as well. It is a fantastic time to get out in the garden. I wonder how many children can help with the gardening activities at home?

In Geography, we will start looking at rivers and identifying the different rivers in Britain. This will be linked to waterways in general, pollution and animal and plant life. David Attenborough will be teaching some lessons, we are very excited about this so please look out for the links.

In DT, we will be making our own picnic.  Project tasks will be uploaded on Google Classroom. Why not make a picnic to celebrate V.E day on the 8th of May?



Look out for other topic work on Google Classroom.


We do appreciate how hard it is to complete school work at this time. We will help with any questions that you may have as quickly as possible. We do not know when school will be open but are hoping that we will be able to continue educating your children in Year 3 at some point. 



We wish you all the best for the following term and hope you remain happy and safe,

The Attenborough class team. 


Here is a link to our  homework page.