Summer Term

Wow - this academic year is going so quickly!


We have enjoyed beginning some new topics and books during the first two weeks of the term. Our overall topic is "The Greeks". 


We have stumbled across a Mystery and he children are very excited.

We shall continue the suspense with The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Ellsberg and enjoy writing our own mystery stories. Later in the term, we shall enjoy reading Flotsam by David Wisner

In Active Reading, we have reached the final chapters of Gangsta Granny and hope to visit one of the key settings from the story at The Tower of London with the Superbloom.  ‘Superbloom’ promises to show off spectacular natural beauty and introduce a new biodiverse habitat for wildlife. It will celebrate the value of nature for our wellbeing. What a wonderful experience for Attenborough class!

We are working hard to learn our spelling patterns and common exception words- please keep encouraging your child to work on these spellings at home. 

We look forward to reading some short myths and Greek myths and then on to Oliver and the Seawigs which is a fun adventure story. We will be continuing to work on Vipers. (Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanations, Retrieval skills and giving a summary of sections of the text. 

To help at home: Read with and or listen to your child read five times per  week, ask your child about the Vipers , complete lucky listeners and  talk about what the different words mean when children are reading with you. It would be great if you could support your child by looking up words  in the dictionary with them too. 


 The children will be  continue to have an arithmetic lesson on a Monday and we continue with our Multiplication and KIRFS sessions.  We  are currently working on fractions in our main maths lesson of the day . Then we will be completing some more work on "Time", mass and  further properties of shape.   Please encourage your child to tell the time using an analogue clock and watch, as well as digital. It is important that the children can have this skill for life. 

To help at home: times table rock stars website ,  going over KIRFS , try to use maths in every day contexts - using money at the shop and  in the kitchen. 

Wider curriculum. 

In Science, we will continue with  our plants learning and move onto light work. In P.E, we are working hard again on our sprinting, throwing and jumping in Athletics lessons. We will also be learning how to play dodgeball then after half term we will be developing our striking and fielding skills. 

During D and T , we will begin with looking at Electrical Systems and we will be continuing to learn French for "in the classroom." We are completing an E mail block of work in Computing and have enjoyed listening to Jazz music in Music lessons. 

Our History will be based on the Ancient Greeks, with links to English lessons. In Geography, we have began to find out where Greece is - with a focus on Modern Athens and we will be exploring the Physical and Human  features of this European region. 

Of course- in addition, we will be celebrating the Queen's Jubilee in June! It's going to be a busy term!


The Attenborough class team.