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Welcome to Attenborough class. I hope your child is enjoying the start of Year 3 and we have had such a promising start to our school year.


We have never had a start to a brand new school year quite like this before and so teaching and learning have been a little bit different this term. We have focused a lot on Maths and English and are busy filling the gaps in learning due to lockdown. We have also learnt about David Attenborough and have had a big focus on PHSE and well being. We hope your child feels confident and happy at school and we look forward to working with you and your children to ensure this is the case.


 Stone Age (Beginners) (Beginners Series): Jerome Martin:  9781409586418: Books

 We are carrying on with learning about the Stone Age after half term and really finding out about what happened then.


 We started the school year with adventure stories and instructions all related to the Stone Age. We will continue our stone age learning writing information pages about the Stone Age. Alongside, we are working very hard with our spelling, punctuation and grammar. A big class focus is using capital letters and full stops.



 We have started the term with 'Stone Age Boy,' and 'Ug.' After half term we will be reading, ' The Hodgeheg.' Please read regularly at home and record in your child's reading records. We try to listen to your child read once every two weeks. Children's accelerated reading tests will be completed each half term to allocate levels. Remember the accelerated reader levels focus on vocabulary and understanding, try to ask your child questions about what new words mean.



We have started our Power maths this term. We have focused on place value. We have started addition and subtraction and moving on to multiplication and division. We have also been completing Maths therapies to fill the gaps.



In Science, we are learning about Rocks and soils. We will be conducting lots of experiments in this topic over the next few weeks.  During our History lessons , we will be finding out what life was like in the Stone Age. In Art, we will be drawing Cave Art pictures and Stonehenge inspired pictures.


 If you need to ask any questions please feel free to email us.



The Attenborough class team. 


Here is a link to our  homework page.