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Spring term

Welcome back to you all! We wish  everybody a happy and hardworking start to the year. We are excited about our planned learning for the Spring term. 

Our themed topic for this term is a study of The Ancient Greeks 

We are beginning the term by learning about persuasive writing, in the form of adverts. We will be writing our own adverts for a wonderful Greek destination. We shall continue to work on our punctuation and grammar work - first looking at the use of the apostrophe and seeing how well the children understand  and can the grammar terms on our Year 3 writing checklist.   In spelling, we will continue with our weekly spelling rules- which this half term are:  applying suffixes, using prefixes  "mis and "dis " then learning words containing the ‘ch’ letter pattern making the /k/ sound.

We are pleased that the majority of children have progressed well with learning their Common exception words over the Autumn term. Well done!

We need to keep this progress up and to assist the children, we will add one c.e.w ( tricky ) word each week to their spelling list. 

In Active  reading sessions - we have a super new book : "The Hodgeheg" and  will continue to look at understanding the text, learning and understanding  new vocabulary, using  inference: "reading between the lines" and summarising what has happened over the chapters. 

As well as reading their practise book and our active reading text and class book, we encourage your child  to  select  various texts of interest to them to bring into school.  Rereading a book is worthwhile to really delve deep and also to  aid fluency in reading. Children should be completing quizzes when they have completed a book and this will assess their understanding of the text. We do expect children to read at home at least 5 times per week and to have this recorded in their planner! Let's make it our term to be the weekly reading stars! 

During Science, we shall we learning about the human body , including the skeleton. Children will learn the names of the bones in the body and they will continue to learn how to be healthy , including  nutrition work. In History,  we will have an exciting time finding out about the Ancient Greeks and in Art, the children will enjoy tile making, creating patterns with their tiles and rope creations.In French we shall aim to move from our spoken work to a small amount of writing so that the children can write a short sentence  about their interests. In PE,  we are following  routines and choreographing in dance ( Monday- indoor ) and we are developing football skills with our specialist visiting teacher ( Wednesday- outdoor).

Please  ensure that the children  have their full PE kit, with tracksuit bottoms and sweatshirt for outdoor lessons along with  socks and suitable training shoes. Please also ensure that all children have a water bottle which is named and brought into school daily with fresh water. 


If you have any questions or concerns please come to see us. 

Mrs Moore - will be teaching on a Monday and Tuesday.

Mrs McCullion - will be teaching on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Mrs Kneller - will be with Class 3 every morning.


Thanks for all your support this year so far - we are enjoying working with and alongside you all. 

The Attenborough class team. 


Here is a link to our  homework page.