Year 3


'3 is a magic number...'


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Hello Year 3 Parents and Carers,

As we near the end of the school year all of the adults in Year 3 would like to thank you for all of your support across the year. We would not be able to offer your children such an exciting curriculum without it.


For the remainder of the summer term we will be continuing with our Stone Age to the Iron Age topic. So far in this topic we have had a wonderful school trip to Hadleigh Country park, looked at historical stories, build replicas of Stonehenge using junk, created cave paintings using charcoal and created a timetable of a day in the life of a Stone Age person.


To finish this topic we will be looking at rocks and fossil formation in Science, the changes in Britain between the Stone Age and Iron Age in History, leaflets in English and we will also be looking at Islam in RE.



Once again thank you for your continued support and I wish you all a wonderful summer.

Miss Carter