Welcome to the Summer term. Related image

Can it really be the last term in Reception already?  We will start the term with a focus on the book 'The Little Red Hen'. 

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Children will learn to retell the story from memory using just a story map to help them.  They will also learn signs and actions for key words.  Later in the term we will use some of those words to help us to write some stories of our own.  Our work about The Little Red Hen will conclude with our trip to Barleylands farm where we will get to meet the red hen herself, plant and grind some wheat and make our own pizzas for tea.  Yummy!       Image result for Barleylands farm

Later in the term we will look at growth and change, specifically plants and caterpillars.  This will be linked to the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar.'

                                                                                                                                              Image result for very hungry caterpillar


The last few weeks of the Summer term we will be working on a transition project.  Each child will create their own book all about year 1.  We will discuss the change at length and identify things which will be the same and things which will be different.  


Over Easter children were invited to complete a sponsored treasure hunt in order to raise some more money to develop our garden.  If you have anything that you think we could use in the garden then please do let use know.   Hopefully we will enjoy celebrating the money raised and making plans for how best to spend the money raised.


We will finish the year with a class picnic and party to celebrate all of our achievements this year.  


As always if you every have any questions or concerns please do come and ask as staff in EYFS are always happy to help.  


Watch this space for photo updates and for what is in store for year 1.